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North China Power Engineering Co., Ltd. of China Power Engineering Consulting Group (hereinafter referred to as “NCPE”) is a large state-owned enterprise established by reforming the original North China Electric Power Design Institute founded in 1953 under the Ministry of Electric Power Industry. With the vision of “ Building NCPE into an International Engineering Corporation with High Value Creativity”, core values of “ Trust·Responsibility”, rich technological resources and strong project management competence, it supplies high-level engineering consultation, survey & design and general contracting services. Mr. Liu Chao’an, Chairman of the Board, is legal representative. Its registered capital is RMB 600,000,000.

As a large state-owned enterprise specializing in engineering survey & design, engineering consultation and general contracting, NCPE has got the Certificates of Approval for independently engaging in foreign economic cooperation and import & export and more than 20 qualification certificates including Class A comprehensive engineering design, Class A comprehensive engineering investigation and Class A engineering consultation. With these qualification certificates, it is able to provide the consultation, survey & design, general contracting, project management, bidding agency, engineering supervision and equipment manufacturing supervision of the construction projects in various industries and levels. Its business scope also includes the special design, evaluation, assessment and equipment purchase in environmental protection, geological hazard design, hydrological & water resource assessment, soil & water conservation, pressure pipeline, pressure vessels, photographic surveying & remote sensing, geographical information and road transport.

Keeping in mind the concept of “Concise, efficient, open and sequential management”, NCPE has been constructing scientific and efficient modern enterprise management system, continuously improving the corporate operation and management system and steadily upgrading lean management level. It has established a quality, environment, occupational health & safety management system covering all its business scope and a perfect management system necessary for an international engineering corporation, in which design is taken as a main while design, purchase, construction and commissioning are integrated as a whole. The title of “An Excellent Enterprise with High Quality and Effectiveness in the Chinese Electric Power Industry” and the award of “Prize for National Excellent Electric Power Quality Management” has been given to it. In the past years, it has enabled itself to rank among top 50 of Top 100 National Engineering Survey and Design Enterprises in respect of comprehensive strength and among ENR 225 International Contractors and the Top 60 Chinese Contractors & Top 60 Chinese Engineering Design Firms. It is regarded by ENR as “The Fastest-growing Engineering Design Firm in China” and it enjoys a good reputation in China with the honors of “An Excellent Enterprise in the Chinese Electric Power Industry” and “ An Excellent Enterprise in the Chinese Survey & Design Industry”.

In the spirit of “Seeking self-motivation, mutual encouragement and continuous improvement”, NCPE, as a human-oriented corporation, has created a team expert in engineering technology, project management, commerce and HSE management. By the end of 2013, it has had an inter-disciplinary staff team with a staff of over 2100 consisting of 1 national survey master, 13 specialists who enjoy special subsidies of the State Council, 119 professor-level senior engineers, 462 senior engineers and 400 holders of various registered professional qualification certificates.

NCPE has been pursuing technological innovation by organizing or participating in the compilation of more than 100 national and industrial standards. Up to now, over 600 national, ministerial and provincial awards for superior engineering survey, design, EPC project management and technological items have been won. Besides, it has made great technological breakthroughs in USC unit, UHV transmission, Renewable energy power generation, GT power station, IGCC and coal gasification and sea water desalination. Now, it possesses 151 national patents and 17 electric power technology patents. The Special Committee for Civil Construction under the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering and the two special committees under the Chinese Electric Power Planning & Engineering Association, i.e. the Special Committee for Electrical Technology and the Special Committee for Construction Project Management, are based in NCPE.

By the end of 2013, NCPE has completed more than 1180 power generation, transmission line and substation projects. Of them, there are 402 large and medium power plant projects with the total designed capacity of 89560MW, accounting for one tenth of the total installed capacity in China, 318 transmission line projects with the total length of 19857km and 302 substation projects with the total designed capacity of 119438MVA. In the past ten years, it has implemented more than 40 EPC projects with the total contract value of RMB 71 billion. The projects can be found in 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China and in more than 20 countries and regions including Nigeria, Belarus, Australia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Georgia and Angola. Also, it has set up a good business and technical relationship with the companies and organizations of more than 20 countries and regions including USA, Germany, France and Switzerland. As an all-business-chain engineering corporation instead of a firm specializing in only electric power survey & design, it now can supply all-life-cycle and all-process services of high-level consulting, survey & design, construction, purchase & logistics, supervision and O & M. All of these are attributed to its policy of “ Going Global”.

 NCPE’s wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries include North China Power Engineering (Beijing) Co., Ltd., North China Desheng Project Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd., North China DE’AN Power Engineering (Beijing) Co., Ltd., North China Geo-technological Testing (Beijing) Co., Ltd., NCEP Engineering Nigeria Ltd. and UAB Energetikos Tinklu Institutas (ETI). They are expert in engineering supervision, project management, bidding agency, logistics, equipment manufacturing supervision, retrofit of urban grid, design of distributed power source and general contracting.

NCPE has got highly recognized among the customers both in China and in the world. We hereby undertake that we will strictly perform the contracts, guarantee the project quality and provide superior services to satisfy the customers’ requirements. We hope to join hands with all the partners both in China and in other countries for mutual development and win-win cooperation.


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