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Brand Culture

Our Vision: International Engineering Corporation with extreme Value Creativity


Marketization, standardization, specialization have become development trends of domestic power market due to the investment diversification, market customization in power marketing and differentiated development based on competitive advantage of market competitors. Winning market share prompts us to follow our clients closely and create greater value for them.


We commit ourselves to:

- Serve our clients  realize the value maximization of our clients through high-quality products and service.

- Inspire our staffs  realize the value maximization of our staffs embodied by reward system through assisting them enhancing skill, knowledge and capabilities.

- Brand building   Service shapes impression, impression forges brand and brand creates value.



Our Core Value: Trust and Responsibility

NCPE Spirit: Striving, Encouraging, Pleasing, Progressing


Our Slogan: NCPE, Power of Achievement


The process of achieving is a process of power accumulating.

The plenitudinous internal energy inspires others and the powerful external strength encourage ourselves. NCPE is just the composition of force of the two .

Choosing NCPE, you are choosing the power of achievement. NCPE is willing to serve you with the power of achievement. With the professional intelligence teams, leading technology capability, reliable quality, outstanding achievement& remarks, harmonous corporation culture and comprehensive strength, NCPE, in your pursuit of excellence, is a trustworthy solution for you.



Our Management Idea: Mutual Achievement

The essence of management is mutual achievement and benefit. We understand and respect the needs of our clients and partners, focus our attention on customer satisfaction while providing products and services to the marketplace

Blue ocean stragety. There is ample opportunity for growth that is both profitable and rapid according to a win-win model. NCPE is seeking a continuous and optimized growth by combining our value with our client’s interest. Not only do we perform in a specialized measure to help our clients with their request, but also deliver our service as we committed.

We also aim in balancing the benefits, supporting each other, develop long-term relation and cooperation with all stakeholders.



Concept of Management: Concise, Efficiency, Openness, Gradualness


The NCPE Logo, a square cutting by arcs, embodies the round sky and the square earth in the Chinese culture that represents the corporation’s characteristics of rules and planning, giving people a feeling of mature and stable. The logo resembles blue N and partial white C of which stand for the region attribute North China. Cerulean is the color of high technology and hope, suggesting the strategy of “technology lead future” and the spirit of efficiency, firmness and professionalism, indicating the future prospect and technology background of NCPE.

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